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(Option 1) Women's Spiritual Coaching Program - 3-Month Spiritual Accelerator

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***This is a 3-Month Commitment. Please read through everything before purchasing. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS.***

Beautiful soul, you are not here by accident! That's because your soul is calling you towards more! You are being guided towards stepping into your higher-self, the most authentic version of you.

So what does this version of you look like? You embodying your higher-self, looks like you speaking your truth no matter what others may think, it means finally putting yourself first & filling up your cup, and it means that you are tapped in to hearing the whispers of your soul to live the life of your dreams!

Yes there are plenty of other psychic mediums & reiki masters out there, but there are not programs that incorporate the power of The Harmonic Egg! This other-worldly form of energy healing helps you to raise your vibration with each and every session, DNA activation, past life healing, spiritual journeying, and so much more all at a cellular level! This is something that my center, The Holistic Healing Center specializes in, and it only makes sense to incorporate it into a program like this! 

So what can you expect to GAIN from this one-of-a-kind coaching program?

  • Upgrade Your Vibration
  • Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey
  • Step Into Your Authentic Self
  • Learn How to Protect Your Energy
  • Tools to Deepen Your Spirituality
  • Uncover the Secrets of Quantum Leaping & Manifesting
  • Discover How to Connect With Your Intuition

Who is this meant for? This coaching program if ONLY for truly committed students that are looking to transform their lives. There is no babysitting to make sure you have done the required exercises & short homework assignments. I want to work with you if you are committed to your success and truly want to learn & grow. Everyone's spiritual journey is unique, but not always easy. It requires dedication & commitment to stepping into the highest version of yourself, to breaking old patterns & routines that no longer serve you. And most do not talk about how this journey can have people in life fall away because they are not aligned with your highest and greatest good of all. So this requires the courage to step forward despite what may be falling apart. For when things fall apart it allows more space to open up and the new to enter. At this point you are a magnet for your desires for your greatest and highest good of all. This means more aligned connections & relationships that are vibrating at the same higher vibration as you are. 

Who is this NOT meant for? If you are unable to keep time commitments to the bi-weekly live calls and are not committed to doing the work then this is not the program for you. Spirituality requires commitment and consistency. Please do not waste your time or mine if you know you are not able to keep your word and show up for yourself.

What is included in this program? 
In this 3-month program you will receive each month:

    • Bi-Weekly LIVE Oracle Reading (60 Minutes)
    • Bi-Weekly RECORDED Oracle Reading (30 Minutes)
    • Bi-Weekly REMOTE Harmonic Egg Energy Healing Session (50 Minute)
    • Bi-Weekly RECORDED Angelic Reiki Healing Session (30 Minutes)
    • One Monthly REMOTE Harmonic Egg Energy Healing Session for Your Home (50 Minute) - This keeps the energy of your space high-vibrational
    • One NEW video each week with tips & tools to accelerate your spiritual journey
    • SHORT homework assignments to help you integrate
    • 24/7 Email Support
    • Special Bonuses Delivered Direct to Your Door
    • Customized exercises & resources to help with what is showing up for you each week

Due to the nature of this program I am currently only taking on 3 new clients. If you feel like this program is in alignment with you, then I encourage you to save your space today. I look forward to your success beautiful soul!

Love & Light, 


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