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The Ultimate Guide to 432HZ Frequency: How It Can Help You and How To Use It

The healing power of sound is often underestimated with many people believing the effects are psychosomatic. However, the true effect that sound healing can have is unparalleled and could be the missing piece in your spiritual development. 

432Hz frequency will help you to feel more relaxed in body and mind, as well as bring about a sense of clarity in thought. It is a powerful frequency to listen to when meditating as it will help you connect with your Higher Self and bring you closer to spiritual empowerment. 

To find out more about how sound healing works and why the 432Hz frequency is so powerful, as well as learn about singing bowls - a tool that can be used in your spiritual practices - keep reading this article and make sure to leave us a comment afterward letting us know your thoughts. 

what is sound healing - the spiritual crystal fairyWhat is sound healing?

As you will likely know if you’ve read our posts before, we all vibrate at a certain frequency. Not just us, though, everything. The trees, the ground, cars, flowers, crystals…everything is always vibrating, all the time. 

Sound, also, vibrates - this is a sound-wave. As such, when certain vibrations get close to us we can physically pick up on the sensation (albeit so minimally that it’s not felt) of the vibration contacting us. Just think of a time when you’ve been at a really loud concert - you can physically feel the sound making your body move, perhaps creating a ringing in your ears or a sense of breathlessness (if it’s REALLY loud!). The sound is physically impacting you.

When you choose to listen to beneficial sounds, for example, 432Hz, the vibrations can help you feel a certain way - happier, more relaxed, mentally clear, joyful.

As the human body is made of up to 70% water, it conducts sound very well. Sound healing is even used in modern medicine whereby kidney stones are broken up with sound waves. 

So, it’s not simply spiritual woo-woo, it’s scientific fact that sound waves can impact your physical being. But what’s so special about the frequency of 432Hz?

what is special about the 432hz frequency - the spiritual crystal fairyWhat is special about the 432hz frequency?

This is the frequency of nature. The natural frequency of the Universe. 

In comparison with the 440Hz frequency, which is the frequency of much of the music we hear, 432Hz is significantly more beneficial for us. It helps us to tune into the frequency of the world around us is believed to be the case and it is thought to have healing powers that exist far beyond the human realm.

There is some debate over whether or not certain frequencies can connect with elements of the world and Universe. However, whether you’re inclined to subscribe to the idea of this frequency connecting with the Universe or not, there is scientific evidence confirming that different frequencies do have different effects on the body. A study done in 2019 and one done in 2020 showed evidence of a significant decrease in the heart rate of those being monitored when listening to 432Hz, compared with 440Hz, as well as a significant increase in the quality of sleep experienced. 

Much modern music is created at 440Hz - meaning musicians’ instruments are tuned using the reference frequency of 440Hz - and it can create an energetic or even frantic effect on our bodies. 

432Hz, on the other hand, can lower the heart rate - which in turn lowers blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, and quantifiably changing brain wave patterns which can contribute to deeper meditation and self-connection.

How Can Listening to 432Hz Help You - the spiritual crystal fairy

How Can Listening to 432Hz Help You?

Whether listening via a meditation, a specific song or simply just a background frequency - all of which can be found in abundance on YouTube - having this frequency playing will help you to feel:

  • A clarity throughout your mind: You may feel this as a sense of a cloud lifting, in particular, if you have been experiencing ‘brain fog’ or a sudden understanding of what you need to do
  • Relaxed: this frequency, above all else, will help you to feel relaxed, so it’s perfect to put on if you’ve had a stressful day or are trying to wind down for bed
  • Inspired and connected with your intuition: this frequency in particular is known to help you access higher realms of intuition by connecting you with Source/Universe. 
  • Significantly less stressed: Along with a scientifically-proven reduced heart rate, this frequency will also help to regulate your nervous system, meaning you’ll be producing fewer stress hormones. 

How can you listen to 432Hz (and other frequencies) - the spiritual crystal fairy

How can you listen to 432Hz (and other frequencies)?

There are several ways you can do this, from listening on YouTube (which won’t be as effective as listening live), to attending a live singing bowl workshop. A sound bath is another great way to fully immerse yourself in the sound and vibrations of different frequencies. 

A sound bath is a wholly meditative experience in which various tools and instruments will be used to create a range of different frequencies, aiding your spiritual development, healing and progression. Often used at sound baths are singing bowls, as well as gongs, rattles, chimes and also human voices. 

What are singing bowls - the spiritual crystal fairy

What are singing bowls?

Singing bowls are used to create healing sound waves/frequencies and I offer a range of crystal singing bowls that produce the 432Hz frequency. Singing bowls are essentially bells that can be made from metal or ‘crystal’ (made from silica sand). They are instruments that can be played by either gently hitting them or gliding an object (usually a purpose-designed mallet) around the circumference of the rim. 

This creates vibration and also a resonance that creates the ethereal and calming hum. 

Each bowl gives off a different sound depending on the size and/or composition, and each sound also correlates to different areas of the body. 432Hz, for example, connects deeply with the 6th Chakra, The Third Eye, which is the seat of your intuition.

I have a wonderful range of singing bowls available that are attuned to the 432 Hz frequency. With many different colors relating to different chakras, these singing bowls can be used within your spiritual practice to help relax, soothe and inspire you. Do you want to align your chakras or activate healing within you? Click here to view the 432 Hz Frequency Crystal Sound Bowls on my website:


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