The Top 5 Crystals to Help with Anxiety and Stress

The Top 5 Crystals to Help with Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are things that affect an increasing number of people. In today’s culture, in particular, in highly westernized societies, over-working and over-thinking are the norms. People work hard and play hard, but don’t often take the time to rest hard. 

This has led to almost 4% of the worldwide population suffering from anxiety and depression at some point in their lives, (source: WHO), and the events of recent years have seen a sharp increase in the number of people who are affected. 

As well as taking steps to improve mental wellness, there are spiritual tools and techniques available that can help to improve your anxiety and stress, helping you to feel happier, calmer and more able to live the life you want.  

What really is Anxiety - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NC

What Really is Anxiety?

There are different forms of anxiety and it can present itself in lots of different ways in people. Generalized anxiety, though, is an underlying sense of unease, worry, uncertainty and even panic. 

While it can present itself as panic attacks or depression, there are other ways that anxiety can show up and we want to share some of the lesser-talked-about ways it presents itself in your life. 

Overthinking and overworking are two really common ways that anxiety can show up, and they’re not often directly linked. As anxiety can often come from a sense of a lack of control, many people will try to control their lives in other ways. Overworking is a way of trying to do just this. When you’re choosing to overwork, it’s because you feel a sense of power and control by doing so. 

The same with overthinking. Many people who go through anxious periods will overthink many different parts of their lives because, in doing so, they believe that they’re able to control the outcomes of situations. In reality, no one can predict the future, but some comfort is often gained in attempting to do so. 

In reality, overthinking and overworking lead to more stress. When you spend a lot of time focusing on things that you cannot control, namely overthinking, the stress you are feeling is not actually real - it is not happening to you - but your brain believes it is. 

the mind is a powerful thing- The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NCThe Mind is a Powerful Thing 

If you think and feel something enough, i.e. worrying thoughts about the future, your brain won’t be able to tell the difference between those worrying thoughts actually happening and them simply being images in your mind. This is why manifesting is so powerful - your brain can’t decipher between imagined manifestations and real ones - in particular, if the emotions attached to it are strong enough. 

There are many different avenues to explore to help ease your anxiety or stress but we’re going to share our top 5 crystals that can help energetically calm your anxious mind.  

the top 5 crystals to help with anxiety and stress - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NCThe Top 5 Crystals to Help with Anxiety

These are the top five crystals recommended by The Spiritual Crystal Fairy that she has used herself to find relief from times of high anxiety, stress, & depression. 

black tourmaline -  The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NC❤︎ Black Tourmaline

Many black crystals are great for warding off negative energies and black tourmaline is no different. This is the perfect stone to have with you if you know you’re going into a stressful situation - maybe you have a tough meeting or a conversation with a friend you’ve not been looking forward to.

Black tourmaline will provide energetic protection for you so that negative energy simply bounces off and isn’t absorbed. 

It’s particularly important with stones like this that you cleanse them well after they’ve been used for a specific reason, as they can tend to hold energy (because they absorb it so you don’t have to). Carry this with you as a palm stone, or wear it as a necklace, when out and about to protect yourself.

jasper-  The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NC❤︎ Jasper

Fiery jasper is a stone that will help you to fight through feelings of anxiety and stress and remind you how powerful you are. It oozes strength, confidence and courage, so this is the one you want to have with you when you’re feeling particularly fragile. 

It is aligned with the root chakra, thanks to its crimson hue, so is great for helping you to re-ground yourself when you’re having moments of feeling as though your head is in the clouds. Carry this with you and meditate with it throughout the day to regain confidence and strength, even if it is only fleeting for now. 

kyanite-  The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NC❤︎ Kyanite

Kyanite is a crystal that’s often used to aid with thinking, which makes it a great one to pick up if you feel you need to mull some things over. Not just thinking, though, but logical thinking. 

As the look of kyanite suggests, it has free-flowing energy that can flow into you and clear out unwanted thoughts or confusion. Its energy is light, positive and peaceful - just what you need when you’re feeling stressed.  

black obsidian -  The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NC❤︎  Black Obsidian

Obsidian is a great stone to use to work with your shadow side. It encourages self-reflection and a look inwards - to those places you may not always want to look. When you’re feeling anxious, the last thing you might want to do is go even deeper inwards and poke around your shadow self (all those parts of yourself that make you feel ashamed, jealous or angry), but, in truth, facing these parts of yourself head-on will make it easier to heal. 

Use obsidian as a tool to help with this and trust that the crystal’s protective energies will ensure you’re only going as deep as is safe at the time. 

moonstone -  The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NC❤︎  Moonstone

Beautiful moonstone! Not only is it a lovely stone to be used for jewelry and adornments, but it’s also a really powerful one to help with easing anxious feelings. It harnesses a lot of divine feminine energy that can help to clear away negative clouds of unease. 

It is a great crystal to meditate with to find the right path forward, so if you’re feeling anxious about the future pick this up and allow its magical energy to soothe you and show you the way. 

the importance of mindfulness-  The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NCThe importance of mindfulness

As well as using crystals to help with anxiety and stress, we also strongly encourage mindfulness activities to help ease and calm the mind. 

moonstone -  The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NCA good sleep routine

Sleep is crucial for a healthy mind and body. If you’re particularly stressed or anxious, sleep can become a vicious circle - you may find it hard to sleep because you’re overthinking, but being tired will exacerbate the feelings of anxiety you do have. 

It’s important to be easy on yourself. We recommend starting to wind down for bed an hour before you go. This will help your body and your mind relax. If an hour’s too much, try half an hour and see how you get on. 

meditation -  The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NCMeditation

Meditation is truly a miracle worker. It is often cited as one of the best ways to ease a stressed mind and help with anxiety & depression. 

By allowing yourself time and space to sit, for even 5 minutes a day, you will encourage connection with your true self, meaning more confidence and clarity on what is right and wrong for you. Not only this, when combined with conscious breathing it physically calms the nervous system - the system that is dictating your anxious feelings - so you will have let go of the ‘fight or flight’ response and be left feeling more relaxed. 

There are a huge number of benefits to meditation that this article doesn’t have the scope for, but we highly recommend doing some research to find out all of the other, beautiful ways it can help.

time and space for yourself each day -  The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NCTime and space for yourself each day 

If the time you spend meditating is the time you set aside for yourself then that’s perfect and beautiful. If you can spare any more time, then choosing to do something just for you will help relieve stress and anxiety, even if just for those moments. Get outside in nature and go for a walk, do something creative, read a few pages of a book - these are some simple ideas, but with big rewards. 

Final Words -  The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Arden, NC Asheville, NCFinal Words

We all go through stressful and anxious periods in our lives, but knowing the right tools and tips to lean on in those times is crucial. Keep this post handy whenever you feel yourself losing control or feeling low. Make sure to check out our other posts all about different crystals for different moods and leave us a comment below to let us know your favorites! 

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