The Best Crystals for Manifesting Money, Wealth and Success

The Best Crystals for Manifesting Money, Wealth and Success

Ask the majority of people what they want most in life and they’re likely to say money, wealth and success. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up for debate, but it’s an aspiration for many of us today. Social media and the rise of ‘celebrity’ have confounded the desire to manifest wealth. 

Thankfully, there are ways to manifest success and money without selling your soul to Instagram. We’re going to show you just how you can manifest these things into your life - through crystal energy and vibration.

If you're interested in the world of spirituality and wellness then you've likely heard about the wondrous benefits crystals have. 

Rose quartz for love.

Clear quartz for energy cleansing.

Tiger’s Eye for protection and good luck.

These are well-known. But, in this article, we will dive into the best crystals to help you manifest success, abundance and wealth, with a few you might not have realized hold these special properties. 

It's not only about the crystals though. This is about energy, vibration and frequency. Without this, as hard as the crystals will work, you'll find it hard to see the results you're after. 

Why are crystals good for helping with money, wealth and success? - the spiritual crystal fairy blog

Why are crystals good for helping with money, wealth and success?

You can read more about crystal basics in our article Crystals for Beginners: Everything You Need To Know To Start Using Crystals but it all comes down to vibration. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency, including ‘inanimate’ objects such as crystals. Everything - including people, you and me - are vibrating constantly. Those who vibrate at a high rate give off ‘good vibes’; loving, nurturing, energetic, and joyful. Those who vibrate at a low level are angry, hateful, depressed and unhappy. 

Crystals can help raise your vibration by acclimatizing your vibration with the vibration of the crystal. And the best thing? The vibration of crystals doesn’t change, unlike the vibration of people which does. They’re steady and consistent which also means they’re incredibly powerful. So when you hold a crystal or place crystals on your body your energy can start to match that of the crystal. 

This is the foundation of crystal healing. 

Crystals to help remove blocks - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Blog Arden, NC Asheville, NC

Crystals to help remove blocks

Oftentimes, the biggest thing stopping you from receiving the money and success you dream of is not a lack of desire or action, it’s a blockage in your energy. Until this block is removed, it will be really difficult to start receiving the abundance you deserve. 

Crystals can help get your energy moving again. By choosing crystals that help align your energy to abundance and wealth, you can heal and clear energies that are keeping you stuck.

Meditating with crystals is a great way to do this, in particular, if you’re able to really focus on where you feel the blocked energy in your body. Not everyone finds this easy and if you can’t focus on one particular area that’s ok. To meditate using a crystal, for example, aventurine, imagine your whole body filling with the gorgeous energy of the crystal and filling you up. If you have a specific area where you sense the blockage make sure to focus the intention there. 

The Chakras and crystals have a long and rich history, in particular, working together to bring balance and harmony within. Crystals are often used in chakra balancing and certain crystals relate to each chakra. Placing them along the chakra system for 15 minutes will help to align the energy within. 

The lower three chakras - the root, the sacral and the solar plexus - are closely linked with money as they are where your basic security needs are met, including financial. However, all of them work together in some way to manifest financial success. You need to feel secure and happy in your lower chakras - including having confidence that comes from your solar plexus. You also need to feel open to receiving and loving (heart chakra), be able to speak your desires into the world (throat chakra), envision yourself with the success you want (third eye chakra), and come up with the creative ways to see it through (crown chakra). 

When they’re all working in sync, then you will see infinite success, wealth and money. 

The Best Crystals for Money, Wealth and Success

 Citrine- The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Blog Arden, NC Asheville, NC❤︎ Citrine

The beautiful, sunny stone citrine brings instant positivity and joy to its holder. It’s known as ‘The Success Stone’ because its ability to spread positive energy will help to raise your vibration, therefore raising your ability to attract positivity and success into your life. 

If you’re after business or financial success this is the stone to have by your side. Carrying it around with you or having it on your desk is a great idea as it will help you to maintain a positive, abundant frame of mind, perfect for entrepreneurial success. 

Pyrite - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Blog Arden, NC Asheville, NC

❤︎ Pyrite

The frequency with which pyrite vibrates makes it a must-have for money-making. It's a powerhouse when it comes to financial abundance and will also help you to stay focused and consistent in working towards your goals. 

It is thought to help you make better decisions about business and finances, so if you’re struggling with a question or a direction to take, then we highly recommend meditating whilst holding pyrite in your hand. 

Moss Agate - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Blog Arden, NC Asheville, NC

❤︎ Moss Agate

Moss agate is a lucky crystal. Being green, it is symbolic not only of nature but of the start, the beginning, the permission to go. It is deeply cleansing so it can cut through any negativity you're feeling. 

Hold this close to your heart to help heal heartbreak so you can welcome in love and abundance once more. 

Green is also known to be ‘the color of money’, coming from the green dollar bills in the USA. So, keeping moss agate on your desk or in your handbag when going about your day will ensure positive, wealthy vibrations are being sent out around you. 

Aventurine - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Blog Arden, NC Asheville, NC

❤︎ Aventurine

This is also known to be a very lucky crystal, so it’s a good one to keep close by if you want to welcome some unexpected money. If you’ve been feeling like the world is against you and everything keeps going wrong, pick up a piece of aventurine to help you turn your luck around. 

It’s also closely linked with the heart chakra so can be used to balance and open the loving energies that come from there. An open heart can welcome more than just love, so don’t discount the power of working on this chakra to open the channel for all sorts of abundance in your life.


Tiger’s Eye - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Blog Arden, NC Asheville, NC

❤︎ Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is the stone you need to help you be bolder, which in turn can lead to financial reward. As the name suggests, this crystal will help you be more fierce, more dominant and more confident - like a tiger! 

This crystal links to the Solar Plexus chakra which is the seat of your confidence and personal power - any time you’re feeling positive about yourself and your abilities, then your Solar Plexus chakra is balanced and open.

The vibration of gratitude - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Blog Arden, NC Asheville, NC

The vibration of gratitude

Gratitude is one of the highest vibration emotions you can feel and is also the feeling you should aim to embody if you want to manifest more into your life. Cultivating a mindset of gratitude, in conjunction with the above crystals, will enable you to start manifesting more into your life. 

When you are emitting a frequency of gratitude regularly your magnetic field starts attracting the same energy. Like attracts like when it comes to manifesting, so if you’re grateful for your home, your job, the food you have to eat, etc. then you will receive more to be grateful for in abundance. On the other hand, feeling resentful or jealous of others for what they have will mean you’ll be sent more to be resentful or jealous of - the Universe doesn’t, and can’t, differentiate between good and bad feelings, it only knows energy.

There’s a lot that can go into changing your money mindset, in particular, if you’ve struggled to ‘keep hold’ of money in your life. Using crystal healing and cultivating an ‘attitude of gratitude’ will help you to start seeing the financial abundance you deserve.

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Time to get excited for all that is coming your way!


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