Crystals for Beginners: Everything You Need To Know To Start Using Crystals

Crystals for Beginners: Everything You Need To Know To Start Using Crystals

Crystal work has existed for centuries and it’s something that has become increasingly popular in the spiritual and wellness worlds.

But there are so many crystals and wildly varying interpretations of the meanings they hold that it can be overwhelming if you’re just starting to dive into this world. 

Fear not, in this comprehensive beginners guide to all things crystals you’ll learn the basics of just why crystals are so powerful, how to use and cleanse your crystals and find answers to some common crystal questions. 

There is a whole world waiting for you to uncover, one that could transform and help shape the life you lead, so let’s dive in and get you going on your crystal journey. 

The Healing Power of Crystals How does it really work - the spiritual crystal fairy

The Healing Power of Crystals: How does it really work?

It all comes down to energy and vibration. 

Everything on this earth vibrates at certain frequencies. Some things, like us humans, have frequencies that change - sometimes it’s high and sometimes it’s low, and other things, like crystals, have frequencies that stay roughly the same - they are stable. 

Unfortunately, being a human, your frequency is very susceptible to outside influence (which is why it’s so important to have strong boundaries and energy-cleansing tools). It’s not all bad, though. In fact, because of this, you’re also open to being positively influenced by being near objects that do have high vibrational energies - i.e. crystals. 

It’s similar to why forest bathing or being out in nature is so beneficial. Trees and nature, in general, have a very stable and positive vibrational energy, so when you’re being surrounded by this beauty and energy, your own vibration shifts to start to match it. 

The more stable the energy of an object, the more powerful it is. The more powerful it is, the more it can affect things around it. 

This is the power of crystals. They can be used in several ways to help your energy align with theirs, from simple to more involved usage. Some of our favorites are:

❤ Carrying Crystals in your Purse/Handbag
❤ Wearing Crystals as Jewelry or Hair Accessory
❤ Meditating Whilst Holding Them
❤ Creating Crystal Grids (this will charge their energy and yours)
❤ Popping Crystals in Your Bra or Pocket
❤ Sleeping With a Crystal Under Your Pillow
    How to Cleanse Your Crystals - the spiritual crystal fairy

    How to Cleanse Your Crystals

    When you first get a new crystal it’s important that you cleanse it of any previous energies or intentions. Even if the intention you want to charge your crystal with is the same, we highly recommend cleansing it first to ensure that it is charged with your energy, and not someone else’s. 

    By doing this, you’ll be more closely attuned to your crystal, making it even more powerful. The best ways to cleanse your crystals are:

    • Smudge cleansing - smudging your crystals is a great, quick way to cleanse them. Before meditation sessions, we recommend lighting incense, Palo Santo or sage and dousing your crystals in the smoke. 
    • Sunlight/Moon cleansing: leave your crystals out under the light of the sun or moon. If you can leave them safely outside this is best, otherwise placing them on your windowsill in the sunbeams or moonbeams will be just as powerful.
    • Water cleansing - immerse your crystals in water and set the intention of the water removing and washing them of any previous energy. Be careful not to get some crystals wet, though, as doing so can erode them.
    • Earth cleansing - bury your crystals in soil to cleanse them in pure Earth energy. Grounding and cleansing, this will have your crystals recharged to full power (again, be wary of damp soil and crystals that shouldn’t get wet).
    The Top 3 Crystals for Beginners - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy

    The Top 3 Crystals for Beginners

    While all crystals are equally beautiful and important, the following three are something of a Holy Trinity when it comes to starting your crystal collection, simply due to their varied properties and healing energy. 

    We always recommend picking crystals that call to you, but if you’re at a total loss when you’re browsing online or in a local crystal shop, then you can’t go far wrong picking one (or all!) of the below. 

    Amethyst Crystal - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy


    Amethyst is an incredibly soothing crystal. It’s what you want by your side or in your pocket if you’re facing a stressful or anxious day ahead. Many people choose to sleep with an amethyst underneath their pillow as a way to encourage pleasant dreams and a calm night. 

    As well as this, it’s a great one to pick up if you’re at the start of your spiritual journey as it aids connection with your Higher Self. Closely linked with the Third Eye Chakra, which is your intuition, amethyst will help you to see through the dark and find answers. 

    Because of these properties, amethyst is a wonderful stone to meditate with. Due to its calming energy, ability to connect with higher realms and potential to help you see clearly, your meditation sessions will become ever more powerful with amethyst in tow. 

    Rose Quartz Crystal - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy

    Rose Quartz

    Ah, the love stone. What a beauty this crystal is. 

    Sometimes misconstrued as the stone to help you find love in someone else, we like to think of it as the stone which helps you love yourself (it really can do both, though). Carrying rose quartz with you each day, you will be reminded to speak kindly to yourself and others, and you’ll attract loving energy towards yourself.

    As well as this, rose quartz encourages compassion and unconditional love, so if you’ve been struggling with feelings of judgment or jealousy, this crystal will help to ease those feelings and instead create an energy of universal love. 

    Of course, this is also a brilliant one to choose if you are looking for a romantic relationship. As expected, it closely links with the Heart Chakra and therefore helps to open up the energy flow here. When your Chakra is open and balanced, you’re more likely to be open to love. 

    Selenite Crystal - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy


    Many crystal experts’ favorite, selenite truly is an all-rounder and an amazing crystal to have in your collection for its cleansing properties alone. Not just this though, selenite is an incredibly powerful stone for enhancing your spiritual connection - it is known as ‘liquid light’ 

    It has a very high vibrational energy that simply radiates positivity, making it incredible for clearing out stale or heavy energy. It’s a great crystal to have on hand if you’re moving house - go round each room of your new place and, with intention, cleanse each room of old, stagnant energy; it will instantly feel lighter. 

    Another great tip for selenite is to place sticks of it near a window in each room of your house, helping to block or cleanse any energy that’s trying to get in. 

    You can also use selenite to cleanse other crystals, it’s that powerful. Simply place any crystal you feel needs recharging next to it overnight and it’ll be back to full energy ready for you to use. 

    Common Questions & Answers - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy

    Common Crystal Questions

    Q: Can I change the intention of my crystal?

    A: Yes! If you don’t resonate with the generic meaning of a crystal then you can and should charge it with whichever emotion or intention you feel connected with. Don’t feel like your rose quartz symbolizes love? Then imbue it with the intention of peace instead (or whatever you want to charge it with!). 

    Trust your gut and use your crystals in a way that feels right to you - there are no rules, only guidelines. 

    Q: What happens if my crystal breaks?

    A: Many people worry about this and think that if they drop their crystal or it somehow gets broken that it’s a bad sign. Don’t worry. All this means is that the crystal has done what it needs to do and is now ready to be put back into the Earth to have its energy transformed into something else. 

    If it does happen, we suggest burying your crystal in the ground to allow Mother Nature to recycle it into the Earth. 

    Q: What do I do if I feel like my crystal has lost its power?

    A: Not a problem. Sometimes, you might feel like your crystal’s energy isn’t felt as strongly as it once was. When this happens there are a few things you can do. 

    We love to bathe our crystals in sunlight/moonlight to charge them up again. This cleanses old energy that may have become trapped in the intention of the crystal and allows its full potential to be felt once more. 

    You can also use any of the above-mentioned cleansing tools to charge your crystal again. If, however, even after doing so, you still feel as though there is a connection lost with your crystal, we recommend simply putting it to one side and picking a different crystal to use. Your intuition knows what you need at any given time, so trust it and allow it to guide you. 

    Final Words

    The possibilities for working with crystals are endless - there are crystals out there to help you with everything from love, to wealth, to success, family, work and travel - and so much more. If you’re looking for crystals to pick up to help you with manifesting money and success, make sure to read our article The Best Crystals for Manifesting Money, Wealth and Success, or if you’re struggling with stress or anxiety then read The Best Crystals to Help with Anxiety and Stress.

    If you're looking for high quality, ethically sourced, and reiki infused crystals, check out our healing crystal shop at

    If you have any questions about your crystal collection or how to use them, make sure to leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help.

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