Crystals 101: Malachite (History, Chakras, Zodiac, Healing Properties, Crystal Pairings, How to Cleanse)

Crystals 101: Malachite (History, Chakras, Zodiac, Healing Properties, Crystal Pairings, How to Cleanse)

Crystals 101 Malachite - History, Chakras, Zodiac, Healing Properties, Crystal Pairings, How to Cleanse - The Spiritual Crystal FairyRich, regal, and deeply enigmatic, malachite is an old, mature and diverse woodland, full of the deepest emeralds and the most vibrant jades. As with the ever-evolving nature of woodland, malachite is a stone of transformation and change. 

Often seen with pleasing patterns or stripes, malachite is a very pleasing crystal to have in your collection - a striking and powerful crystal that will provide a great deal of energy to you and the crystals around it. 

Crystals 101 Malachite quick facts - The Spiritual Crystal FairyQuick Fact Sheet for Malachite

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Crystals 101 Malachite History - The Spiritual Crystal FairyThe History of Malachite

It is mined in Russia, The Congo, and Australia and its name derives from the Greek ‘malakos’, meaning soft. Somewhat surprising for a truly powerful stone, but malachite, while being strong and bold, is also an intensely healing stone, connected with the heart chakra. 

It has been revered for thousands of years, with the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks using malachite for many different things. The Ancient Egyptians, in particular, would use it in a variety of ways - grinding it to a powder to use as eyeshadow, wearing it as jewelry or headpieces, and placing it in their homes to provide aesthetic appeal, as well as energetic benefits. 

Crystals 101 Malachite Chakras and Zodiac - The Spiritual Crystal FairyChakras and The Zodiac

Thanks to its deep, rich green hue, malachite works well with the heart chakra, helping to balance, open, and protect this most precious energy center. The heart chakra is the bridge between two realms - the physical, grounding energies of the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras, and the spiritual, ethereal energies of the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. 

Being in such a powerful position of an energetic crossover, the heart chakra can be one of the most vulnerable chakras, prone to imbalance. Malachite can help not only to protect this sacred chakra from becoming misaligned but also help to realign it by providing healing energy and the confidence to embrace change. 

Malachite works wonderfully well with Scorpios and Capricorns. For Scorpios, who, thanks to their watery nature, can find their energy going up and down regularly, malachite will help to ground this energy and maintain it at a level ebb. The sign of Scorpio is linked to the imagery of the Phoenix - rising from the ashes - the transformational energy helping Scorpios to focus and make a change, instead of becoming stuck in overthinking or emotion. 

Conversely, for Capricorns, who can find that their emotions and energy can be a little too suppressed, malachite helps to ignite some passion inside, reconnecting them to their joy and imagination, and giving them the sense of inner strength needed to pursue their dreams. 

Crystals 101 Malachite Healing Properties - The Spiritual Crystal FairyOther Healing Properties

As well as being incredibly powerful when it comes to transformations, malachite is also very good at helping to clear out toxins and negative energy. If you have a sense that there is a build-up of unwanted energy that you’re struggling to cut ties with, then use malachite in your morning or meditation routine for a few days or weeks, and notice how you feel lighter and more energized from the release of heavy vibrations. 

Crystals 101 Malachite Crystal Pairings - The Spiritual Crystal FairyCrystal Pairings for Malachite

Malachite works wonderfully with clear quartz - the piercing, clean, and extremely powerful energy helps to cut through negativity even more. Using these two stones together will be a total Spring clean for your energetic vibrations - you will feel like a new person, ready to start afresh and take charge of your life and actions. 

Crystals 101 Malachite How to Cleanse - The Spiritual Crystal FairyHow to Cleanse Your Malachite

Malachite can be cleansed confidently with water or left in rice to absorb any negative energy it may have taken on. To charge your malachite, leave your crystal next to some selenite or clear quartz to allow it to be restored to full power, or, if you can, leave it outside in some foliage or on the grass, to absorb the energy of Mother Nature. 

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