Crystals 101 Larimar (History, Chakras, Zodiac, Healing Properties, Crystal Pairings, How to Cleanse) - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy Madison, WI

Crystals 101: Larimar (History, Chakras, Zodiac, Healing Properties, Crystal Pairings, How to Cleanse)

Crystals 101 Larimar (History, Chakras, Zodiac, Healing Properties, Crystal Pairings, How to Cleanse) - The Spiritual Crystal FairyA rare crystal, Larimar comes in beautiful blue, aqua, and turquoise shades, reminiscent of Mediterranean seas on a clear, sunny day. It is the crystal of communication, its icy blue appearance cutting through to the heart of truths that must be spoken. It encourages calm and peace throughout, which, in turn, encourages truth to come to the surface. 

As well as representing truth in communication, Larimar also represents inner wisdom and will help those who work with it to become more deeply connected with their inner voice. It is, as could be expected from its beautiful cornflower appearance, a stone connected deeply with the water. It encourages freedom in thinking, a fluidity to thought and emotion, and a balance between deep, oceanic inner wisdom and more soft, shallow light-heartedness. 

Above all, its energy and vibrations encourage calm serenity, like that of an oasis on a warm Spring day. This crystal will wash away negative thoughts, detoxing the mind and the body, leaving a crystal clear canvas on which to be your true self. 

Crystals 101 Larimar Quick Facts - The Spiritual Crystal Fairy

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Crystals 101 History of Larimar Crystal - The Spiritual Crystal FairyThe History of Larimar

Originating in the Dominican Republic, Larimar, while being a stone of ultimate calm, actually originates from the volcanic regions of its birthplace. This intersection of fire and water create the balancing energy that Larimar so effortlessly emits. 

Larimar also goes by the name Blue Pectolite and Dolphin Stone. 

Crystals 101 Larimar Chakras & Zodiac - The Spiritual Crystal FairyChakras and The Zodiac for Larimar

Thanks to its ability to encourage clarity of thought, Larimar works extremely well with the upper 3 chakras - the throat, third eye, and crown. Its energy will create clear pathways in which to receive guidance and support from the Universe (or Source, your Angels etc.) and will help to rebalance and align these chakras through intentional meditation. 

Firstly, Larimar works well with Leos, helping to temper high emotion or fiery attitudes, balancing the hot and fierce with the cool and calm. It is also known to work well with those born in the crossover period between Winter and Spring - February, March, and April. Linking to its watery connection, think of this period as a time of thawing - of icy, cold hardness, relenting into warmer, softer comfort. Those born in the months of February to March are Pisces, strong water signs who are highly connected to their emotions, occasionally to the point of imbalance. 

Larimar will help to rebalance this energy, allowing their emotions to flow to the right people, places, and things, giving nurturing and love where needed and holding back in order to maintain and support their own energy when the time is right. 

Crystals 101 Larimar Healing Properties - The Spiritual Crystal FairyOther Healing Properties of Larimar

When you are called upon to facilitate a difficult conversation, Larimar is the crystal you need. Its gentle vibrations, placed between you and another in the midst of a difficult meeting, will help to encourage clarity and authenticity in what you, and the other person, share. 

As well as this, Larimar is a crystal very closely related to the heavenly realms. With its connection to the upper 3 chakras, it’s no surprise that when holding Larimar you will sense an almost otherworldly, ethereal energy being transmitted throughout your body. You may feel a lightness, perhaps even slight light-headedness, as you allow the vibrations to flow through you and transform the very energy held within your cells.

Crystals 101 Larimar Crystal Pairings - The Spiritual Crystal FairyCrystal Pairings for Larimar

The best way to harness the energetic power of your Larimar (and all crystals) is to have it held against your skin, whether worn as jewelry or placed in your palm when meditating. Pair your Larimar with Aventurine if you wish to enhance the communicative energy and use this to your advantage - to encourage prosperity and success with your words and way of expressing yourself. 

To enhance the calming energy that Larimar emits, pair your crystal with Green Apatite, a crystal that will help you tune into your heart chakra and focus on your true desires, so that you may communicate these clearly. 

Crystals 101 Larimar How to Cleanse - The Spiritual Crystal FairyHow to Cleanse Your Larimar

Larimar is a relatively soft stone, measuring around 4-5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so while it is a water stone and can be cleansed and charged with running water, make sure not to soak it for long periods of time, otherwise, you may damage its structural integrity, and the crystal may start to break. 

You can also try placing your crystal on your windowsill at night time on a full moon, allowing the soft rays of the moon to recharge it, ready to work with you again. 

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