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Every crystals in my healing shop has been lovingly energized with Reiki healing by me, Andrea. I am a certified Reiki Master & Psychic Medium and my intention is to amplify every crystal's healing properties to help you along your journey. I also cleanses & charge each crystal to ensure you will receive your crystal in it's most positive and powerful form.

What customers have to say


Andrea gave me my absolute first tarot card reading and it did not disappoint. I found it to be truly enlightening. She was able to bring to light some aspects of my life that may need more attention. I was super comfortable with Andrea and she made me feel right at home. Truly a kind individual that I would highly recommend!

Alex B.

I absolutely had a great reading with Andrea! She helped me learn how to communicate with my angels, their names and verified that they are with me always! She taught me a lot about myself and that I need to take more quite time for myself. And that lost friends aren’t lost just not in my life any longer and that’s ok. I will definitely see her again. She’s a lovely person.Thank you.

Darcelle O.

Andrea has lovely, warm energy. I felt like she really listened to me and wanted to help me. She seemed attuned to my energy and angels which helped her interpret the cards in an individual way rather than just reading what they said. I even went over time and she was very kind and accommodating about that. She also sent me the cards that came up during my reading and the resources she mentioned during it. Thank you Andrea!

Tasha L.

I had a really great experience here! Everything she said was very accurate and it gave me a lot of clarity and insight on some current struggles I’m facing. Overall I really loved her energy, she seemed like she really just wants to help others! I would definitely recommend seeing her!!

Arti P.

Good stuff! Andrea was super sweet. She didn’t pull as many cards as I thought she would, but the messages came through nonetheless! Very easy to talk to, I’d recommend her for individual as well as group readings! Afterwards she provided a comprehensive list of resources to continue working on things like mediation, etc., which was lovely. 15 minutes goes by quickly, so I’m glad I booked the 30 minute session!

Monika G.

Andrea was great! She had such a positive aura and energy while doing my reading. I will definitely be coming back to her soon for another one. She is such an extraordinary person and was so spot on that I got emotional. Thank you again Andrea!

Nichole H.

This was my first time experiencing angel tarot card readings and Andrea was such a wonderful guide! We did a group reading and each of us were able to connect to the cards and the messages received. She did a great job explaining the cards meaning and how we can implement the messages to become more in touch with ourselves. Highly recommend booking a session with Andrea!!

Channa H.

Andrea is a delight. She is warm and welcoming. You can feel her genuine excitement and passion that goes into her work. I enjoyed my reading with her and the pieces of advice along the way. It confirmed my own intuition on moving forward in my next steps.

Kayla R.

Compassion and healing is what drives Andrea's work as an intuitive tarot reader. I find her to not only be reliable and helpful, but also extremely patient and understanding. If you are looking for guidance or insight into your life situation, Andrea cares and will make a big difference for the better!

Jeff R.
Welcome to my Shop
Hey, I'm Andrea!

I am an empath & lightworker who's mission is to make a positive & transformative impact in the lives of as many beautiful souls as possible! And it wasn't until this year, 2022, that I have found the best way to do so is through my love of Mother Earth & the beautiful crystals she provides us with. Crystals & nature have made such an impact in my life and healing journey. I feel so blessed to share their amazing healing with others.

I am passionate about working with each crystal in my healing shop & energize them with powerful and loving Reiki energy healing. I do so to lovingly help accelerate the healing they provide to you. I am beyond grateful for the support you are providing to my crystal shop.

From my heart to yours, thank you! ♥

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